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home and seeing those beautiful moments (joy, movement, laughter and cries), my heart swells at the honor of being that person to document it, to capture life in action. It is a true blessing. That’s why I do what I do… to bless others with what blesses me, to show them their life through my eyes.

Sometimes during a shoot, everything can be moving 100 miles per hour. Moving to and from locations, outfit changes, children running in all different directions… you name it, it can happen. All the while, I’m clicking away like a mad person…it almost feels like an out-of-body experience sometimes, as if my soul sees each moment before my eyes do. So, by coming

Why do I do what I do? For me, it’s never been about having a skill set and seeing how much money I can make or how well known I can become. For me, it’s all about coming home after a shoot, sitting down at my computer and seeing another person’s life stopped still and being a witness to it for the first time. It’s a beautiful experience.